3 Colors You Need to Be Wearing Right Now!

It's summer, and it's time to start incorporating more color into our wardrobes. Even though neutrals have been the craze for the past few years, bright colors are making a comeback. We have been seeing many more celebrities wearing more colors and overall having more fun with their styles. Luckily, Suzette Collection sells a ton of fun colors that are perfect for the summer and come in many styles to fit any wardrobe.

1. Bright Pink
I have been seeing bright pink everywhere; blazers, heels, bags, you name it. Wearing a hot pink tank with some neutral shorts and white sneakers is a great way to ease your way into wearing bright colors. Suzette's best-selling tank, the Ribbed High Neck Crop Top, now comes in new colors, including siesta pink!


2. Light Blue
Light blue is a great color to add to your closet because it is perfect for all seasons of the year. It also matches with so many other colors, so if you already have majority neutral clothing, blue will go with any of it. The new Suzette Ribbed High Neck Crop Top comes in sky blue is the best to wear right now and a great layering piece for the fall.

3. Neon Yellow
Neon yellow is definitely out there but is such a fun color to play around with. Styling neon yellow bike shorts with a white crop top and cute sneakers is the best to run errands or to work out. Regardless of what you are doing, you will make a statement in your outfit in the best way possible.


It is 2021, and it is time to have fun with your outfits!! Neutrals will always be there to fall back on, but why not have fun with your clothes, especially during summer! Check out all of Suzette Collection's clothing to find all of your favorite styles in bright colors. Not to mention they are all super comfy that you will never want to take them off, even if they are neon yellow!

By, Georgia Katz