Get to Know Suzette!

Suzette at her first show at the Javits Center in NY!

Suzette Greenberg is the name behind Suzette! Here you can get to know a little more about her and life outside of working at Suzette Collection!

What are your top five pieces from Suzette?

1. Joggers

2. Lace Rib Tank


3. Bike Shorts

4. Lace Cami 

5. Leggings


What/who inspires you?

“Inspiration is everywhere!!!! I would walk on the beach and love all the colors of the water, different shades of turquoise to blue. The sky…The color of the sand and how it makes me feel! Right away I know we are incorporating all those colors in our spring / summer line!! It makes us feel good!!! Fashion is all about how it makes us feel when we wear it!!! I absolutely love fashion!!!! Always had such a passion for it!! Creating new ideas that are sexy and fun! I love making everyone feel good about what they are wearing! Nothing makes me happier then someone telling me how much they love Suzette Collection and seeing someone rocking it!!! Seeing the smiles on their faces is everything to me❤️”


How was fashion apart of you growing up?

“Fashion has been part of my life since I was born. My mother was a model and an artist. She was a talented super fashionista! She would put together outfits with accessories every single day to perfection, like a stylist would!!! Mom could see how it would all look together and taught me. She gave me that great talent!! Her love of fashion, color, textures and the excitement of putting it all together was pure heaven! I literally was dressed up to go to a doctors appointment and it looked like I was going to a party. In high school I won best dressed. Always wore high heels… never a pair of sneakers!! I took dressing everyday very seriously and loved every minute of it!!!”


Suzette's mother!!

Where is your favorite place to travel and where do you want to travel next?

“My favorite place I’ve traveled to is Italy. Everything about it was gorgeous, the culture, the food, and STYLE! Italy is way ahead in terms of style, so seeing the different trends inspired me to design our line. Seeing all the beautiful fabrics and colors in other countries opened my eyes to a whole new world. I would love to go to Greece because I feel that would be so inspiring. The beaches, the STYLE, and the buildings there are so beautiful. I love traveling and think it’s so fascinating to see how other people live. Traveling is truly one of my favorite things to do because I love meeting new people and making new amazing memories!”

Scott and Suzette in Italy!

Why did you decide to start Suzette? 

"Suzette is a third-generation business, my husband's grandfather started. His father then got into the business, and then my husband, Scott did. One day Scott came home and said that we needed to come up with new ideas, which is how I got involved! I started by drawing a simple bralette with a sexy front with straps that would peek out of blouses. It was also more interesting than a basic bralette, which is how we came up with "basic with a twist." We created some samples and sent it to our factory. Scott then packed up our very first order and he hand-delivered it to Aldees Sportswear, and they LOVED it! It was a huge hit!! We then brought them to the Javits Center for our first show where we hand-strung bralettes on a fishing wire as our display. People were OBSESSED, and we got into our first 100 stores from that. The spider cage bralette became all the rage, so we created more colors and variations of it. The 100 stores turned into 1000 stores and into 3,500 stores and still growing every day! Scott and I work so well together because I am the design end, and Scott is the business end - a DYNAMIC DUO! We would not be where we are today if it wasn't for our spider cage bralettes and tanks! Each and every piece is made with so much love that we always want our customers to feel their best while wearing Suzette Collection. Our yummy soft fabrics and our high quality (and AMAZING great prices!!) is what we are all about! Scott and I truly love what we do and take so much pride in it!" 

By, Georgia Katz