How to Layer Basics

Now that fall is coming around the corner; it might be time to start thinking of ways you can wear summer tops the rest of the year. Basic comfortable and cute tanks are surprisingly hard to come by, but luckily you don't have to do that much looking. Suzette has the most buttery-soft tanks I have ever felt in so many different styles; just pick the ones that are calling your name! Below are some of the best tanks that come in so many different colors!!

Once you've got the base of your outfit; Suzette tank and bottoms - it's time to layer! Adding tons of jewelry is really going to change up the look of any outfit.  My favorite way to layer is by adding a bunch of gold necklaces of different styles and chains that lay at different lengths. Chunky chains, dainty charm necklaces, whatever you have, throw it on. After necklaces, add the rest of your jewelry to match (in this case, the more, the better!!) Maybe some chain bracelets to match or some chunky gold hoops; anything will work. 

Some places that have great layering jewelry are: 


Lastly, the top layer. This could mean an oversized blazer, a leather jacket, a zip up, you name it. It can be something simple, or something fun and colorful to spice up the outfit!



The goal is to make a simple outfit exciting to wear each time! By adding different layers and accessories, you never get sick of your basic tanks because, trust me, you will not find better ones.

By, Georgia Katz