Summer Wardrobe Essentials

The weather is getting hotter, which means it’s time to switch out our clothes to stay cool. Staple pieces in your wardrobe are essential, so here are some of the clothing items you need in your closet for this summer. 
1. Strappy Square Toe Heels 
Luckily for the sake of comfort, baby heels are being seen everywhere this summer. Add a bunch of straps and a square toe, and you have a simple yet trendy shoe to elevate any outfit. If you don’t want to deal with the heel, you can swap it out for a flat sandal that gives off the same look.
2. Bike Shorts
Bike shorts have been back for a while, but there is no sign of leaving anytime soon. Bike shorts are the perfect substitute for leggings when it's hot out. It can be hard to find a pair of flattering and comfy bike shorts, but luckily, Suzette has you covered. Once you put these Yummy Bike Shorts on, you are never going to want to take them off.
3. Summer Dresses
On days when denim is not an option, throwing on a flowy dress with sneakers is your best option. Another bonus is if you’re running late in the morning and do not have time to put a whole outfit together, throwing on a dress is an easy solution.
4. Plastic Sunglasses
Losing a pair of nice sunglasses is unfortunately way too common of an occurrence, so this summer, we are sticking to inexpensive plastic sunglasses. Not the end of the world if these get lost and are easily replaceable, thanks to amazon. 
5. White Tank Tops
You can never go wrong with a fresh white tank top. They go with everything and are never going out of style. Of course, comfort is always a priority, regardless of what your plans are this summer, so grab some white Suzette tanks, and you’re all set! 
By, Georgia Katz