Transitioning your Gym Clothes into Street Style

Why make your gym clothes stick to only the gym. Sometimes after a quick workout sesh, you want to go run some errands and don't want to change, so here are some ways to transform two workout outfits into street style.

1. Start with a set

Sets might be one of the best things invented. You barely have to think about what you are putting on, and you know it will match; what more can you ask for! For the gym, just stick to your set with athletic sneakers. In your gym bag, bring some pieces to throw on after so your set to go. Start with an oversized zip-up if it's cold and some large sunnies, so you can't tell your face is all red and sweaty. Next, grab a cute crossbody bag, swap out your sneakers for some more casual ones and throw on some gold jewelry. This outfit is perfect to walk around, and no one would know you can right from the gym. This outfit includes Suzette's rib bungee crop top & rib seamless bike shorts. 

Gym outfit 

Errands outfit 


2. Neutrals

If you worked out (and didn't get too sweaty) and don't want to do a complete change for dinner, stick to neutrals. The white tank you worked out in will look perfect with some boyfriend jeans and booties. Add a cute shoulder bag and throw on a little makeup, and you're all set! This outfit features Suzette's ribbed crop top & wide waist yummy soft leggings.

Workout Outfit

Dinner Outfit

By, Georgia Katz