Workout Essentials

Even though the world is now opening up, sometimes it’s easier to stick to an at-home workout routine. In order to have the most successful workouts, you will need a great setup. Here are some of my top recommendations for the best at-home workouts.

1. Yoga Mat

Having a yoga mat is essential because you can move it anywhere around your house to get your workout done wherever. When it’s nice out, you can even bring it outside to enjoy the sun during your sweat sesh.

2. Insulated Water Bottle

I have been using my Hydro Flask for years and could not recommend it enough. It keeps my water cold all day which could not be more important when you are dying of thirst mid-workout. I also bought a straw attachment that helps me drink more water during my workout and throughout the day!

3. Supportive Sports Bra

Wearing a supportive sports bra is essential to feel comfortable during your workouts. You want to make sure that your sports bra will be comfortable for all of the types of exercises you want to do. The Suzette Lattice Mesh Criss Cross Sports Bra is perfect for taking on HITT, yoga, and everything in between.

4. Flattering Leggings

Feeling good while working out is half the battle of getting in a great workout. If you feel good in your outfit, you will definitely have a better workout. That is why the Suzette Pineapple Grid Cinched leggings are amazing; they are the most flattering leggings guaranteed to give you the confidence you need to have an excellent workout.

5. Ankle Weights

These are versatile for almost any workout since you can use them on both your ankles and wrist. They only add a little more weight but definitely make you feel the burn. You can also take a walk with them if you want a little extra resistance.

You don’t need anything crazy to have a great workout. You also do not need to spend a lot of money on online workout subscriptions because amazing workout videos are available for free on youtube. Some recommendations include: 

By, Georgia Katz